Organisation of classes

At the start of the August 2021 school year, we are opening two classes using the multi-age method:

  • A class 1P to 4P Harmos (Cycle I)
  • A class 5P to 8P Harmos (Cycle II)

For the beginning of the school year in August 2022, we have opened two classes, still using the multi-age method:

  • A class 4P to 6P Harmos
  • A class 7P to 9P Harmos

The start of the school year is set for August 28, 2023. We expect to welcome students from 1P to 8P and from 9S to 11S Harmos.
There are still free seats available. Click here to register.

For some periods, teaching focuses on essential academic knowledge (Mathematics, French, English, German, History-Geography and Sciences). They are taught in cycles, in small groups or individually. From 1P, we teach foreign languages by immersion in a fun and practical way. We draw inspiration from different pedagogies and the Finnish school philosophy in order to create an attractive and motivating classroom atmosphere and to respond to the different learning profiles of children. We promote learning through play and movement.

For other periods, teaching is grouped with all the students of the school (1P to 8P). They get together to work on joint projects. The objective is to set up activities by the project method that initiates students to discover differently, to propose ideas and think about solutions for a concrete purpose. We give meaning to learning and favour outdoor activities. Each student performs tasks according to their personality, pace and level. These afternoons are also an opportunity to introduce experts in their field during workshops, visits and collaborations with companies or associations. It is a comprehensive approach that allows children to open up to the world and build their identity.

Neurosciences: support for learning

Recent scientific discoveries on human brains, and children in particular, allow us to understand how the human brain works, learns and memorizes. We re-learn and reinvent our knowledge based on these advances, each more interesting and surprising than the next, in order to apply them in everyday life. Or teaching philosophy with its adapted pedagogy to gives everyone the pleasure of learning and of developing their full potential.

Learning is using our cognitive functions (acquired knowledge and skills) which relate to memory, attention, perception (the five senses), motor skills, language and reasoning. These references allow us to create new learning tools and techniques for a better integration and memorization of knowledge, taking into account environmental, emotional and affective factors.

The pedagogies that inspire us

We are inspired by the Finnish school system, Freinet and Montessori pedagogies as well as pedagogy by nature which have the common points of encouraging the child in their thirst to gain autonomy and self-confidence, whilst taking into account their developing personality.

Finnish school system In Finland, the motto is that “every student is important and the well-being of the student is the key to success. Classes are flexible and students are free to move around during lessons, they have frequent breaks, the older ones are invaluable in caring for and being role models for the younger students. Classes are given outside at times and there is no homework before 11 years old. The success of the Finnish school system maintains an atmosphere of peace and calm to help students learn better.

Montessori pedagogy Montessori pedagogy was born from the desire to see each individual flourish in their life, in their relationship with their environment and with their peers. It aims to prepare the child to become an adult by offering them what they need to develop to their full potential. One of its peculiarities is to place the child as the director of their own life, responsible for and the holder of the keys to their own success.

Freinet pedagogy Freinet pedagogy places the pupil at the center of the educational process. It invites them to search, invent and learn for themselves. This approach includes pedagogy project, allowing the student to carry out concrete productions. It takes into account the social dimension of the child, destined to become an autonomous being, responsible and open to the world. Experimentation, the pace of individualized learning, developing autonomy and responsibilities, cooperation between peers as well as the whole class are all at the heart of this pedagogy.

Pedagogy through nature Through scientific studies we know that teaching outdoors, in a natural environment, helps promote motor, cognitive, emotional, social and creative skills. This mode of learning allows the child to reveal his feeling of belonging to nature and contributes positively to the construction of his identity. It also increases their motivation to act in favour of and respect the environment in the long term. This method of teaching encourages motivation and team work and also promotes physical activity, concentration and self-confidence.

About us

We are parents, teachers and professionals who believe in the potential of every child.

The founder, Nathalie Rod Dumoulin, married and mother of two, felt this school project burning in her heart more than 3 years ago. She had been listening to children, parents and teachers talk about the problems of schooling today. With a master's degree in communication and a bachelor's degree in International Relations, she has proved herself by leading the association she was part of for 10 years, to success. An enterprising and enthusiastic woman, she decided to surround herself with a team of passionate childhood professionals, teachers and parents to build the Life School Riviera educational project. She also put together a business plan and formed the Board of Directors of the association that will run the school.

The pedagogical team

Life School Riviera has been born out of an inspired group of people made up of teaching specialists, parents, including input from logopedists, and psychologists, who are personally led by the fundamental principles of Christian values which lie at the heart of the school. Each, according to their calling and skills have brought variety and depth to the project. We were inspired by various international methods and pedagogies to create a teaching program rich, consistent and able to adapt to the needs of our students.

Quality teachers

Our leadership and our teaching staff are Christians. Our teachers are carefully selected for their values and the specific skills they bring to the school. We offer students the benefit of specialised teachers for certain subjects from 1H (from 8H in public schools) and work closely for the child’s best interests should they require support in other areas, such as speech and language therapy or special needs support. Throughout the year, we organise training courses on innovative topics to allow teachers to continue their professional development.

quotationOur team


Travailler à LSR c'est la chance de pouvoir accompagner chaque élève personnellement dans ses apprentissages. C'est aussi l'opportunité de proposer aux élèves des projets collectifs et personnels afin de leur permettre d'intégrer des notions vues en cours dans des réalisations concrètes.


Chaque élève a quelque chose en lui de spécial et une manière d’apprendre qui lui est propre. Mon rêve est de guider chacun afin de découvrir encore plus la créativité qui se cache au fond d’eux. J’aime échanger avec les élèves et aller creuser ce qui les passionne.


J'aime transmettre et développer l'inspiration des générations futures.


C'est un plaisir de rencontrer les élèves individuellement et de les aider à progresser en math, souvent grâce à la manipulation de matériel très varié.


Des effectifs réduits, une grande proximité et de belles valeurs humaines sont les atouts que nous partageons pour proposer un enseignement sur-mesure, original, chaleureux et innovant.


Chaque personne est unique et nécessaire. Chaque élève est essentiel pour l’équilibre du monde. Les accompagner dans leurs recherches et leurs apprentissages est un grand privilège !


L'apprentissage des langues est un atout précieux pour chaque élève. Je suis convaincue que l'approche créative, pratique, et l'utilisation de la langue dans des situations du quotidien sont les clés pour un apprentissage plus efficace et significatif.


« Tous les enfants ont du génie, le tout c’est de le faire apparaître. » Charlie Chaplin


Nous croyons dans le potentiel de tous les élèves et souhaitons leur permettre d'apprendre en ayant du plaisir, dans un environement sain, performant et sécurisant.


Je rêve d’une école « atelier » qui permette à chacun d’apprendre au travers de sa créativité. Une école où l’ imagination et l’expérimentation sont possibles. Albert Einstein l’a si bien résumé: "La créativité, c’est l’intelligence qui s’amuse."


« Be you tiful » : you are wonderfully made !


Notre école a un objectif bien plus large que celui de transmettre des connaissances académiques. Elle développe le savoir-vivre, le savoir-être, la responsabilité et l'autonomie des enfants. Les effets sur les enfants, leurs familles et la société de demain est notable et bénéfique.

quotation Collaboration with families

Our school was born from the desire to see children flourish in their learning as well as in their relationships. In close collaboration with families, we want to establish solid benchmarks and transmit essential and life-supporting values to each of the children entrusted to us for their schooling.

We want to encourage parents and teachers to establish regular contact in order to be able to support each child in their development. We want to encourage the culture of trust, namely that parents recognise that teachers are specialists who aim to help their children progress in a peaceful yet stimulating atmosphere. Our teaching team's mission is to take care to guide, encourage and value each child in their learning. Our teachers will also take the time to develop pastoral links in order to get to know and support each child and their family.

Respectful dialogue is essential for the development of the child, the well-being of families and the motivation of teachers. We believe that a happy child benefits from responsible parents, motivated teachers and innovative and dynamic teaching methods.

We choose to offer financially affordable schooling so that our school is accessible to all. The object is to allow the majority of children to have access to quality, individualised schooling which will support all students to progress at their own pace, commensurate with their needs.

quotation Our partners

« Forts Ensemble (Stronger Together) means more collaboration, efficiency and performance ». The mission of Marie Legrand, Doctor in Educational Sciences, is to support people in the search for innovative and pragmatic solutions to meet the challenges they face. Life School Riviera has the privilege of collaborating with this professional, who is a specialist in learning and education.

After 13 years of secondary education in France, Guillaume Bousquet launched Pédago'Vie. It's a consultancy and pedagogical training activity to enable all individuals to develop their full potential. As lecturer, educational advisor, trainer, and coach, Guillaume offers concrete and practical tools to promote learning and help teachers and parents in their mission to transmit knowledge and educate.

We are members of the network since June 2020. We share the same values and faith as its members.