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Thanks to your generosity, our school can have an impact on the young people of our region. They will thank you forever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tax deductible donations

Our school works in partnership with the Los Lorentes Foundation. If you want to support us and at the same time benefit from a tax deduction, you can make your donation using the following bank details:

IBAN: CH74 8012 9000 0084 1255 2
Banque Raiffeisen Moléson
CH-1635 La Tour-de-Trème
Fondation Los Lorentes
Rue de la Lécheretta 10
CH-1630 Bulle
Communication: Ecole LSR

Note that the Los Lorentes Foundation records anonymous donations. It is therefore not possible for us to know the identity of the donor but you can tell us by sending us a message.

The Los Lorentes Foundation supports schools like ours all over the world. At the end of each year, a donation certificate recognised by all Swiss cantons is sent to the donor to enable him to deduct the donations from his taxes.

Direct donations to Life School Riviera

It is also possible to make a payment directly into the Life School Riviera school account using the following bank details:

IBAN: CH63 8080 8001 8614 8862 5
Banque Raiffeisen de la Riviera
Bénéficiaire: Life School Riviera